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05 apr 2017

Company Day

Next month our company will be 11 years old. Of course, that is not a jubilee, but it is a good reason for remembering the past, for giving credit to those

24 mar 2017

Economy news

MOSCOW, RIA News. The Russian finance industry has begun to prepare to deal with the consequences of the latest twist of the

Dr. Hunt

05 nov 2012



Doctor Hunt was the first to come to our office, and he decided to stay forever. He takes part in every project and is present at every interview.

We ask his counsel and he helps us. He is our co-worker, our colleague, our friend and our mascot. The painter, Darja, has painted some pictures from the life of Doc Hunt. Each one of them reflects some event from his life; and we think that the collection of these paintings reveals his character and way of thinking.

We hope you will like him as we do.